The Dress Collective 

The Dress Collective's range of fashion designers and independent labels embody the Australian fashion identity, an identity that is innovative and unique. They believe in quality over quantity, all of the designers that feature on The Dress Collective ethically and sustainably produce their collections in Australia. 

Cruza Surf

An independent surf and lifestyle brands retailer.  Cruza Surf aims at sourcing and featuring authentic quality Australian labels that embrace a beach and surf culture and promoting them to the world. 

Vecta Store 

Vecta Store is the premier destination for discovery. Home to quality and innovation, their range features of some of the best Independent Australian labels. Firm believers of the movers and shakers, they encourage the creativity of Australia’s youth culture.

North Abraxis 

North Abraxis takes a genuine approach to clothing unmasking local labels with real stories. Avoiding commercial mass produced garments - North Abraxis is a hub for authentic independent Australian owned fashion.

Athena Emporium 

Athena Emporium aims to bring you globally sourced, fresh, distinguished, and socially conscious made bohemian accessories, apparel and lifestyle products; also enabling you to support for a greater cause.

One Honey Boutique 

One Honey Boutique sells a large range of celebrity fashion & accessories stocking 100% authentic Australian Designers.